2013 Jewelry Trends

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New jewelry trends will emerge in the spring of 2013. If in the fall of 2012, trends included mixed metals and customization, in the spring 2013, everything will be about the color. The trendiest colours for jewelry will be those borrowed from nature such as lemon yellow, sorbet and coral. All necklaces, bracelets and earrings will include splashes of colour, so they will be vivid and will look great.


The main trends in 2013 will be:

  • plastic
  • tribal jewelry
  • spike  jewelry
  • pearls
  • geometric jewelry

The most popular stones for 2013 will be tourmaline, rough-cut quartz, boulder opals, watermelon tourmaline. Other trends include bold cultured pearls, sterling silver pieces, beyond-bridal platinum.


The introductions will be plastic, candy, as well as pastel and fluorescent materials. There will also be a return on a more Victorian vintage look, a focus on a tribal look, geometric shapes and on both natural and tribal look.


The next year we’ll also observe a heavy metal jewelry reminiscent of the 80′s, including African tribal influences, but featuring a modern and sharp edge. There will also be a lot of neon plastics and crystals, so it will be a lot of color everywhere. In 2013, jewelry will be bold and bright compared to 2012.


The colours of spring 2013 will be red, poppy red, Monaco blue, Lemon Zest. The most popular animal print will be snakeskin. Other elements will be African glass beads, headpieces will become bolder, and there will also be large crystal side pieces, as well as quirky tiaras, floral headbands, large crystal necklaces and earrings. These can be mixed with bungee cord, leathers, rope, so the effect will be amazing.

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